Bloons TD 5 – Out Now For iOS

Bloons TD 5 – Out Now For iOS

The studio formerly known as Digital Goldfish – and which is now known as Ninja Kiwi (Scotland) – has released the latest title in the monkey-based pop ’em up, Bloons series.

Bloons TD 5 is a ‘tower defence’ game.  Players must defend themselves against wave after wave of maurauding, every-so-angry balloons, which are determined to breach the defences of your base and jolly well pop.  Ferociously.  Or make that squeaky noise that makes all your hair stand on end.

They’re evil.  They cannot be trusted.  And they’re coming for you.

Players must build towers, place guns and defend themselves with a staggering variety of pointy things and make the rapacious rubber rapscallions think twice before encroaching upon your sovereign territory once more, by Toutatis!

Bloons TD 5 is out now for iOS devices – iPads, iPhones and iPods.  The cost – for there is always a cost, dear reader – is a paltry £1.99/$2.49.  Which is entirely reasonable, given the horror which a race of evil inflatable overlords would inflict upon mankind.

Buy it now, or consign your family and loved ones to a future of slavery in the balloons’ underground helium mines.

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