Word Crasher Blitz PLUS – Minus Adverts

Word Crasher Blitz PLUS – Minus Adverts

Word Crasher, the game which manages to combine Scrabble, Tetris and dropping Mentos with all letters on, into Coke, has been revised, updated and  polished to a mirror sheen by Edinburgh-based indie powerhouse and one man dynamo of Wonder, Pixels On Toast (aka Kevin Ng).

Word Crasher now reflects the beauty and integrity of Kevin’s rainbow-coloured soul, thanks to the removal of adverts from the game, allowing players to pay once and then chortle and beam with glee as they prestidigitate letters within a virtual liquid to form words and stop the feisty phonemes bubbling up into armed insurrection and revolt.

The game has already picked up love, affection and tenderness from many of the Internet’s leading mobile review sites and is already available for every flavo(u)r of Apple gadgetry from the new-fangled iPad Mini to the retina-scouring iPhone 5, as well as all manner of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

There’s even a Mac version, complete with keyboard support, so fast-fingered fans can touch type their way to Tetroid triumph and rack up more points than a crash between the World Darts Federation annual bus trip and Santa’s sleigh.

It’s fun.  It’s now advert-free, so you can enjoy your gaming time without being tempted by crunchy, savoury Doritos, which would be perfect with some fiery Dorito’s salsa, perhaps some Dorito’s sour-cream-like white gunky dip and a refreshing, crisp, Budweiser.  Mmmmh, that’s a whole evening of type 2 pleasure right there!

Pixels On Toast’s forthcoming title, Food Run was displayed exclusively at this year’s Dare to be Digital Indie Games showcase and looked similarly superb.  Featuring the most adorable and cute wickle foods, like weeny doughnuts, itty bitty bananas and cute cupcakes, you must lead your clever cornucopia of comestibles over a complex course, leading them to safety through all manner of obstacles and, we’d presume, ravenous bears…

You can find out more on the Pixels On Toast website, follow the company on Twitter or give them the glad hand on the Facebooks.

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