4Talent 4Dundee 4Shizzle

4Talent 4Dundee 4Shizzle

4Talent, Channel 4’s new talent scheme will be in Dundee tomorrow, hosting a workshop aimed at 16-25 year olds who are interested in games development as a career, a goal and a fabulous way of life.

Channel 4 has worked closely with local industry to pull together a who’s-who of speakers, participants and experts from across the games sector…

Paul Farley of Dundee-based Tag Games (which recently created the Hotel GB game with Channel) 4 will be there.  There are masterclasses with Rad Miller (Pocket Projects and Rad Miller Films on ‘image capture and green screen’) Tom Barrett of No Tosh (how to create a positive digital footprint) and Jeremiah Alexander – multi-award winning games designer and digital entrepreneur (games development).

Two speakers from Channel 4 will be there.  Glynn Ryland, Industry Talent Manager at the channel will be joined by Colin Macdonald, Commissioning Editor for Games at Channel 4, will explore ‘My Job, My Journey’ talk and share his employment history which began in his home town of Dundee.

The 4 Talent day will be supported by North East Scotland MSP Jenny Marra who will attend the event.

Attending one of the 4Talent days automatically qualifies participants to apply for the Channel 4 Work Experience scheme, from which 42% of participants find further experience or industry employment as a result.

Gregor White from Abertay University’s Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games said:

“We’re delighted to partner with Channel 4 for the 4Talent day in Dundee, giving local young people the chance to meet creative industry experts and learn how they too can unleash their creativity and build a career.  Abertay University is extremely proud to be a hub for the creative industries, delivering internationally renowned education and helping our students join world-leading companies and start their own businesses.”

4Talent is supported in Dundee by University of Abertay Dundee; Dundee Contemporary Arts; Dundee University; Somewhereto Scotland; BAFTA; Tay Film; Dundee City; Scottish Enterprise – and Skills Development Scotland have been key recruitment partners helping 4Talent reach a more diverse audience.

To register, visit the 4Talent website.

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