Intern Opportunities From Dundee University

Intern Opportunities From Dundee University

An increasing number of games companies in Scotland are offering internships.  However it can be difficult to find people or ensure that the whole process is carried out fairly and offers benefit to both parties.

Dundee University has started a graduate certificate programme, designed to help companies across Scotland find, utilise and reward interns in a structured and useful way…

Here’s the lowdown:

● Do you have a company project which you haven’t had the time/resources to complete?

● Is your organisation struggling to recruit extra staff through conventional methods?

● Would you like to play host to a graduate who can bring fresh ideas and expertise to your business?

If so, then the University of Dundee may have the solution.

The Scottish Graduate Internship Certificate (SIGC) is an eight month long credit-bearing course combining a quality 6 month internship with career planning modules, offered through the Careers Service at the University of Dundee.  The course is unique in that no other Scottish University currently offers an accredited graduate internship programme.

The course is open to graduates from any subject discipline so potential project areas could include social media, computer games, politics, education, engineering, marketing, finance, research, IT, management or design. We are currently working with one graduate who is very interested in a career in computer games so are particularly keen to hear from employers in this sector. Graduates don’t need to have studied at Dundee before and don’t necessarily have to be recent graduates – they could be looking to change sectors for example.

As a placement host you will be expected to take on a student for a six month full-time internship, commencing in February 2013. You will be expected to allocate a project to the student which is both meaningful and beneficial for your organisation, and which also helps the student develop and make full use of their own skills, knowledge and experience. We ask employers to contribute a minimum of £200 a month training allowance to their interns to cover travel/relocation costs etc.

Basically, it’s a win-win situation all round, you will get a cost-effective member of your team for six months with an interest and expertise in your field and the student will get some meaningful work experience to enhance their CV and help with their future career prospects.

As well as graduate placements, we also run shorter placements for undergraduate students from all subject disciplines. If you would be interested in finding out more about any of our placement schemes, please contact Karen Sleith at the Careers Service, University of Dundee on 01382 386965, e-mail Karen Sleith or visit the university website.

Thanks to Dundee University for the information.

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