Booty Quest – Out Now For iOS And Android

Booty Quest – Out Now For iOS And Android

Avast, shipmates.  A tot o’ rum all round and cease yer keel-hauling of the cabin boy.  A shiny new version of Outplay’s popular treasure matchin’ Facebook title, Booty Quest, has hove into view for them new Apple and Android gadgets and now you can shiver your timbers on the go.

OK, enough piratism.  Booty Quest was released on Facebook in early 2012.  The game challenges players to match sets of three or more gems in only 60 seconds, with power-ups, coins and bonuses available for the fastest, most precise players.

Now the Booty Quest challenge has moved to the world’s most popular mobile devices.  Booty Quest is out now on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Relinquishing the title’s corsair-like fascination with vintage jewellery, Booty Quest f’mobile is free.  Free!  Like a man o’ the sea, with the wind in his beard, a thousand miles o’ sea betwixt him and the nearest shore and a virgin sea lane, a-stuffed with fat merchant-men, palookas, settees and the odd sloop*.

All of Booty Quest’s most popular features are included in the mobile versions of the game.  these include Flyn, the parrot and his tuck shop o’ awesome, wherein, stout tars can pick up power-ups and useful items to help them in their quest for ultimate point acquisition.  Storm gems, Boom gems and extra time can be had for a mere handful of groats.

Sorry, this pirate thing really is quite addictive isn’t it?  Just like Booty Quest!  Of course, the game ties into your friends list on Facebook and allows you to challenge and compete against your nearest and dearest, beat them into fumble-fingered foolishness and brag, yes BRAG to the world about your prestidigitation, prowess and pride at being better than them.  At everything.

God, you’re awesome.

You deserve Booty Quest.  Yes, you.  Go and get it for your Android.  Or your iPhone.  Or indeed, go and buy an Android or iPhone (or iPad) and then go and get the game.

Or ye’ll feel a lick o’ the cat, ye barnacle blistered bilge-rate.

Outplay really would be very grateful.

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