Multi-disciplinary Software Construction Workshop

Multi-disciplinary Software Construction Workshop

There’s a new code-based event coming up in central Edinburgh and the organisers have asked us to pass it onto the clever people in the games industry…

The Technology Strategy Board is looking into how it can support better software engineering in the UK. All UK companies rely on software to work and Specialist workers increasingly rely on software to support their work.

We recognise that both agile and waterfall techniques have good practise in them that take into account user preferences. However, we are also aware that many software development companies do not employ this good practice in the development process.

Thinking in; developing easy to understand user requirements and Human Computer Interaction has moved greatly beyond current established practice; and there is widespread agreement that to have better software development, we will need to bring in under-user disciplines and peoples with other points of view.

We would like to help to create the environment where better software could be made and tailored for specialists in multi-disciplinary teams- comprising, for example, anthropologists, ethnographers, artists and psychologists. We are holding a workshop in Edinburgh and would like the following people to attend: Software developers, programmers, but also those domain experts who rely on software but are not ICT specialists themselves (e.g. transport planners, gene researchers, etc.) systems design companies, and any businesses who have skills in building multi-disciplinarily teams. The workshop will be one day and will be filled with stimulating talks and abilities to network between participants and help the TSB develop an effective package of support in this area.

The event takes place on September 10th, at Edinburgh University’s School of Informatics, running from 9am-6pm (drinks!).  It’s also FREE.

You can find out more and register over on Eventbrite.

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