APB Hits 1.9.0

APB Hits 1.9.0

The latest update for online Cops & Robbers crimefest, APB: Reloaded was uploaded over the weekend, adding new content, items and activities to the MMO.

A new Joker distribution centre has been added to the game, while entirely new activities (and levels of activities) have been added to ┬áthe game’s Fight Club mode, giving players new opportunity to earn Joker tokens and carry out side missions.

Reloaded is asking players for feedback on the new activities, with a view to rolling it out into the rest of the game.

If you’re fast, all players can even get a free day of Premium gaming, by logging in before the end of July 31st.

You can find the complete contents of the 1.9.0 update on the GamersFirst website.

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