Enter Competition, Win Nice Award. Or Die Alone

Enter Competition, Win Nice Award. Or Die Alone

Dear game developers…

The BAFTA In Scotland 2012 competition has less than one week to go before entries close.

There is a dedicated games category.

If you enter it, you could win a BAFTA.

BAFTA winners are glamorous and successful and can tell everybody that they are BAFTA AWARD WINNERS.

Winning is a good thing, remember?  We had a meeting.

BAFTA does quite a lot of games things – many even more glamorous.

I keep telling the film and television industries how exciting and innovative the games sector in Scotland is.

If you don’t enter the competition, the games category won’t be included.

And we’ll be a sad neglected little industry which is ignored by the rest of the creative sector.

So please get off your fat arses and enter your game(s).

It has to be made in Scotland and on the market (free or freemium or paid, or whatever, it’s inclusive like that).  As long a the public can play it – somehow.

It can be made by professionals, amateurs, students, or your Mum.  It can be for any platform whatsoever.  Dare to be Digital games and Game Jam games are very welcome.

Yes, there’s an entry fee.  BAFTA’s a charity.  But it’s not very much.  Remember having BAFTA Winner on your CV.  Or on your award winning app store link (should you ever bloody bother to mention it, let anyone know, or you know, tell people…)

Then we can all have a party.


Or you can ignore this and continue your ongoing efforts to die penniless, unknown, unappreciated and neglected.


Please enter.

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