London. Games. (Will We Get Sued?)

London. Games. (Will We Get Sued?)

The team at eeGeo has broken cover and has a product out – LIVE – on the market, which utilises their rather awesome mapping technology.

Recce London is an interactive map, which does a lot of the usual things we’ve become accustomed to, thanks to Google.  Zooming, rotating, overlays showing local bars/restaurants/you name it… However, Recce takes things further and creates a genuinely exciting new way to explore the capital, with an entirely animated city, complete with traffic, well known landmarks, massive floating pointers over famous places and even tiny works of art outside the Tate Modern.

We’ve been entirely impressed with the technology since we initially saw the Project MyWorld demo.  To see it live in the wild, just in time for the OLYMPIC GAMES is a joy.

It certainly WINS THE GOLD in our own SUMMER GAMES of 2012.  The visitors heading to the UK for the London Olympiad should be jolly impressed.

Recce London is already picking up some critical acclaim and has been showcased on the App Store as a useful tool for anyone visiting London for the 2012 Olympics.  Disappointingly, Recce London does not seem to be complying with the dictats of the evil corporate sponsors and is showing other, non-olympic-sponsoring business concerns within the city.  This may give users the impression that there are other options besides giving money to some of the worlds largest, most profit-driven companies.  Without those sponsors there would be no games, you miserable wretches.

Having said that, Recce London is an excellent app for anyone visiting London.  It showcases the technology and gives the impression that this could be a monumentally important piece of technology for the Scottish interactive sector.  Go and get it.  Have a play.  Squashing the buildings to reveal the street names made us giggle like Dick Van ‘Cockerney’ Dyke taking tea with a penguin.

Go tell them it’s lovely.

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