Post Core?

Post Core?

Denki’s Managing Director, Colin Anderson has been busy.  He’s posted a new blog on GamaSutra, outlining the company’s plans and focus for the future.

Not surprisingly, it’s something a little unusual.  Well, it’s Denki.  You’d be disappointed if it was first-person-shooters and bubble bursting games, right?

Colin introduces the idea of ‘post core’ games.  Post core?  In a market where every single idea, project and title which is not the hardest of the hard core, the Tungsten Carbide of twitch, is derided and sneered at?

Colin explains… “So what is Postcore Gaming?  Mark Pincus from Zynga put it well in a recent interview with “I fundamentally believe that the biggest opportunity is to get people like me to play. I’m a latent gamer; it’s there, it’s just in the background because I’m too busy, and I can’t find the time, I can’t justify the time. But if you could get it in front of me and you could distill it down to something that I could get into in five minutes, and I could play it with friends and other people, you would have me. It’s gotta be short-form, short session, long arc.””

…and he quotes Mark Pincus.  The CEO of Zynga.  In a piece on games.

It’s worth your while.  Go and take a look.

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