What The Hell Is A Moop?

What The Hell Is A Moop?

Moops is a brand new game for iOS which is out NOW.  Today in fact.  We’ve mentioned Moops in the past, when Tahir, the MD of Red Radiant, gave the world a sneak preview of Moops at the Game In Scotland event.

We were excited then.  Now, the completed game looks fabulous.  As you’d expect from a collaboration between Red Radiant – a development studio which boasts ex-members of the Crackdown, Bioshock and Bioshock 2 teams – and Darkside Animation – a company which has worked with the film & television industries for over two decades (including a great deal of work with the BBC).

Moops is an original new title which combines elements of platform game, beat-em-up and spring cleaning.  You control Flunk & Dunk, to exterminators (or pest controllers if you prefer), who’s job is to rid the land of an infestation of critters (who we’d assume are pesky, but that’s yet to be confirmed).

Flunk & Dunk are controlled with an intuitive touch-based system and then beat, bash and stun the critters before sucking them into your critter-vacuum and dispose of them responsibly in an approved Moops Council recycling point (we’d imagine.  You may fly tip them on the edge of City 17 and let them run rampant.  We’ll ask…)

Moops features a full 3D cartoon world, with 18 levels of critter whacking goodness.  There are mini games, achievements, leader boards, boy & girl Moops to choose from, as well as assorted whackers, beaters, bashers and costumes so one can array oneself in finery before bludgeoning a living creature to insensibility and sucking the twitching thing into an industrial hoover.

Moops even sounds awesome.  There’s a full soundtrack and in-game effects, provided by Euphonious.

All in all, its a rather wonderful package, from a new company, which is trying something new and different.

You can find Moops on the App Store, for iPhone/iPod and iPad, where it’s priced at a jaw-gapingly reasonable £2.99/$4.99.  We’re also going to speculate -groundlessly now – that this may only be the first Moops game, since ‘Moops Games’ sounds plural to us.  Consider that an exclusive.  Rumour though it be…

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates on the Moops website.  Or, you can like the game on Facebook, or follow it on Twitter.  It’s entirely your choice.  And in this day and age, isn’t that a nice choice to have.

Yes.  Yes it is.  Fare you well, Moops.

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