e-Placement And The Search For Interns

e-Placement And The Search For Interns

A new initiative has been launched by Scotland IS, urging businesses to offer paid work experience to students in the IT industry.

The project, called ‘Let’s Get Paid’, is run by e-Placement Scotland, and is a collaboration of three organisations including Edinburgh Napier University. In the first year of its development 1,500 students have registered on the website where employers can advertise work experience placements. Maureen Ronaldson from e-Placement said:

“All our placements are paid so students have the experience of a real job situation carrying out work on live projects which better places them for being offered a full-time job in the future, hence the launch of our ‘Let’s Get Paid’ initiative which we are promoting to the industry.”

Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) can often find it hard to become involved with students.  This project should improve this situation. Additionally ongoing economic growth in the industry and closer ties between students and employers could well mean that employers and universities can tailor degree courses in order to ensure that graduates match what the IT industries want.

Feedback from employers has, so far, been very positive. Companies have said that hiring students has been a very positive experience and they will be recommending the programme to other employers. Students have been widely complimentary about the project. Alex Macrae was hired as an Apps Developer on placement and has just been offered a full-time job. He found the project did exactly what it was intended to do:

“…e-Placement Scotland was incredibly important to me and has allowed me to start my career and given me an exciting opportunity. Most importantly of all it has helped me to bridge the gap between University and work”.

Although the ‘Let’s Get Paid’ initiative has received positive feedback in the short time it has been placing students in work experience roles, it is hoped that that it can eventually benefit the whole  digital media and IT industries.

If you’re an employer interested in pain internships, or a student looking for new opportunities, visit the e-Placement website.

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