Tag Games Celebrates 6th Birthday With Jam – LIVE

Tag Games Celebrates 6th Birthday With Jam – LIVE

Tag Games is SIX years old today.  Happy birthday Tag.  They’re the company behind games including Car Jack Streets, Funpark Friends, Doctor Who: Mazes of Time and True Grit.

To celebrate, the company is holding its second annual Game Jam.  Only this year, it’s personal…  Five teams of fearless development superstars will be slogging it out over 24 hours to create a brand new games concept, which must be based around or include the theme ‘absorb’.

We favour Sponge Jack Streets, but that’s us.  Simple, direct and gung ho.

The whole event is being streamed live (and unleashed) across the whole day of fun, games, pizza, red bull and dead hard coding.

And you – yes you – can get involved.  You can ask questions, offer insight and commentary, or wave and say nice things.  The company has started a thread on Touch Arcade, where you can post stuff.  Or you can find them on Twitter, or over on Facebook.

It’s rare that a company does anything which is transparent, open and invites members of the public in to participate in any way, so we’re very impressed that Tag’s giving people the chance to see how everything happens over the next 24 hours.

They’ve even posted a schedule, so you can find out more about specific projects and games.

Festivities commence at 2pm UK time.  Be there – and feel absorbed – or be square.

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