Laugh It Up, Quizball. New iOS Game, Out Now From Ludometrics

Laugh It Up, Quizball. New iOS Game, Out Now From Ludometrics

Quizball is, as the name suggests, a Quiz-based football game, from the first team at Ludometrics.  The team set out their stall early doors and at the end of the day got the result they wanted…

That’s it for football cliches for now.  Please don’t worry.

If you know your Mourinhos from your Mexican Waves or your Rooneys from your Ronaldos, then Quizball is the game for you.

Right, here’s the hard sell…

Just in time for Euro 2012, here’s Quizball – the football quiz game where you can lead your country to European glory!  Answer questions to score goals – get a question wrong and you’ll concede, though. Win the match to get to the next round, and ultimately to win the tournament!

Can you win the tournament with all 16 competing countries? Can you triumph without conceding a goal?

All questions are based on the history of the UEFA European Championships and the competitor nations of Euro 2012.

Quizball is OUT NOW for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.  It’s a bizarrely reasonable £0.69 and is suitable for all ages and levels of football knowledge from your entry level Rooney, to your omniscient Linekeresque pundit of ultimate knowledge.

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