Golf Squared – Out Now For iOS

Golf Squared – Out Now For iOS

Golf Squared is the latest iOS title from the team at Dynamo Games.  A radical ‘punk’ reinterpretation of Scotland’s most royal, ancient, soporific and knitwear-enhancing sport, Golf Squared challenges players to knock a wee ball through a lush cartoon landscape.

Square Golfers must avoid deadly cartoon peril, achieve near zen-like oneness with the ball and channel the spirit of Chevy Chase in order to achieve birdie goodness or the fabled awesomeness of the eagle.

Dynamo of course, is the studio behind titles including The Crystal Maze, the mobile version of Championship Manager and the recently announced Tracer.

From what we can tell, the game offers 2 dimensions of golfball greatness and emphasises quirk and charm and fun in an arcade style of play, rather than the tedious, if more realistic high jinks (or indeed ‘links’) that the major licensed titles churn out on a semi-annual basis.

Gold Squared has been designed with the retina display in mind, for an eye-searing chuckle of hole-in-one hilarity.  So iPad and iPhone 4 owners, this game will suit you to a ‘tee’, leaving Android owners ‘green’ with envy.

Yes, we are hilarious.  Thank you.

Golf Squared costs less than a fresh orange (no ice) at your local golf club.  It’s 69p and has already been commended on the replay value.

Buy it, or we’ll do more golf puns.  If that happens then God help us all.

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