Denki Announces New Plans – Exciting Plans – Secret Plans…

Denki Announces New Plans – Exciting Plans – Secret Plans…

The team at Denki have released a filthy teasing hint that they’re working on their next new game.  Following the success of Quarrel on iOS and Xbox Live, Denki’s next move has been the subject of intense speculation in and around the digital media and interactive industries globally.

Now, the first tiny wisps of insubstantial information have emerged.  The project will be, according to Denki’s very own blog:

  • The game will launch exclusively on the super sexy Turbulenz platform, allowing us to deliver console quality in the convenience of your web browser.
  • It’s probably the most action-orientated thing we’ve ever made.
  • It features the winning combination of naked flames, bold heroism AND fluffy bunnies.

Given the company’s titles to date, that’s pretty exciting.  The key thing here is ‘console quality gaming’, but ‘in your web browser’.  So Denki can be Denki, but in the world’s biggest market – the one without the several million competing products.  Hmmm… intriguing.

And you, yes YOU.  You can be part of it.  Early.  BEFORE the hordes of hipsters and Zynga designers looking for ideas.  Sign up now and you can be kept abreast of the latest happenings from Denki HQ.  (Or of course, you can read your fabulous daily

God speed Denki!

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