Out Now – Thor The Hedgehog – New For Android

Out Now – Thor The Hedgehog – New For Android

There’s a new hedgehog on the block, which could mean Sonic’s days as a highly overrated platform star, may be numbered.  Thor is the star of a new Android game from the team at Glovik games, in Edinburgh.

A physics-based puzzle/platformer, players must use Thor’s body of ultimate sharpness to pierce objects, burst things and solve the sort of chin-stroking problems that would leave our blue Sega-based friend befuddled and clueless.

Available for Android devices on the all new Google Play, the game has already been described as “Definitely, don’t miss it! Really original, game fans will be delighted, simple but beautiful design, high playability, excellent new addition” by AndroidZoom.

It’s only £0.63 and promises a world of spikey fun.

Go on, just to upset Tails…

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