Jamming 4 Small Change – Games Jam For Good

Jamming 4 Small Change – Games Jam For Good

The team behind the Scottish Game Jam is back, with a new event and a new opportunity to create innovative games, but this time it’s for a cause even more worthy than ‘fun’.

Jamming 4 Small Change is focused on the lives of young carers and incorporates them into the whole development process.  Children – some as young as eight years old – can be the primary care givers in a household.  J4SC will invite them to join designers, programmers and artists to create something new to help and inspire them.

The young carers will help with early input and ideas, before coming back at the end of the event to test and play and give their feedback on the games created.

Jamming 4 Small Change will be hosted in Glasgow Caledonian’s Saltire Centre, in the centre of Glasgow.  (For those of you in Dundee, that’s approx 1,000,000,000,000 parsecs away – and in the future).

Participation is FREE and the organisers will provide games-style catering and facilities out of the cold and dark.  There is room for ONLY 120 developers, so sign up now and help make the world a better place for some kids who could use a little more fun and play in their lives.

The participants in the 2012 Scottish Game Jame managed to spawn games which were nominated for a BAFTA, are now crowd-funding to become a full title and which impressed the HELL out of many people.  Now you can replicate and exceed that level of success – and feel better about yourself.

Go and sign up.  There are children depending upon you.


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