New From Digital Goldfish

New From Digital Goldfish

The loveable scamps and Digital Goldfish have a slew of new titles heading for the iOS market, with The World’s Strongest Man out now and the adorably titled Chip Trippington And The Kwiff Frizz Quiz coming soon.

The World’s Strongest Man is a licensed game, based upon the gentleman of the same description.  A mighty fellow, he can, as Charlie Brooker so memorably put it, ‘lift a filing cabinet full of coal, over his head – with his eyelids’.  Which translates to a whole wild world o’ strength-based challenges including carry an entire car, pulling and entire lorry and, unless we’re mistaken, lifting Africa.  That’s quite strong.  It’s certainly stronger than Duke Nukem, Conan or NINE Yoshimitsu’s.

You can build a career, train your strongman and lead him to such a peak of strongness that he could pop a roomful of balloons and a monkey, by glaring.  The World’s Strongest Man is OUT NOW and can be purchased for a puny weakling price of £1.99, saving you money for protein shakes, a bullworker and an official World’s Strongest Man strength moustache.

Chip Trippington on the other hand is an entirely different sort of thing.  Entirely.  An old-school point and click style adventure, players must guide Trip through a variety of adventures and, we’re going to assume, mis-adventures (we’ll go further and guess they’ll be inadvertent and hilarious) as he attempts to track down his favoured styling product and secure the kwiff of ultimate stylishness.

Crude humour is promised, as is a hard-hitting and frank insight into  liquid rejuvenation engineering.

We’re so there.  Point and click – great.  Crude humour – smashing.  It’s like Digital Goldfish have come up with a new idea which excites them – and are now developing it into a game.  This could be a brave new move in the rapidly evolving mobile market – and one we’d like to see more of.

Thanks Digital Goldfish!

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