Dot Game – Out Now For Android

Dot Game – Out Now For Android

One of the new companies to be listed on the paranormally comprehensive Company Directory list is a new developer/publisher based in Paisley.  LinxOnline has just released its first title and bucking the trend of recent releases, it’s for Android.

Dot Game is pocket sized slice of retro gaming, which should take you straight back to boring biology periods on wet Wednesday afternoons, where you and a colleague would draw a grid of dots (from 3 x 3 to 14 x 14) and take turns filling in one horizontal or diagonal line between two of those self same dots.

The goal is to complete all four sides of a box – and to get more completed boxes than your competitor.  Also not getting caught by that total ballbag Mr Sneddon.  Though that might just have been us…

Player V Player – locally or online, Player V Computer or, pleasingly, Computer V Computer modes are all available.  That last one clearly being included for those who feel they should be playing games, but simply don’t have the time.

The Dot Game is available now on the rather swish new Google Play market.  There are two flavours – free (with supporting adverts) and paid, which is ad-free but costs a whopping 50 new pence.  You can’t even get a generic chocolate biscuit for that. So it’s something of a bargain.

Please welcome Linx Online to Scottishgames and if you’re a wise and stylish Android owner, go and check out the game.

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