Out Now – Word Crasher For iPad & Mac – New From Pixels On Toast

Out Now – Word Crasher For iPad & Mac – New From Pixels On Toast

Pixels on Toast is the development studio set up by games genius Kevin Ng.  Based in Edinburgh, Pixels On Toast is the studio behind games including Kick Flick Football, the forthcoming Food Run and the newly released Word Crasher.  Or indeed the newly enhanced version for the latest iPad – Word Crasher Blitz.

Billed as the tactile word game, Word Crasher challenges players to create words from a veritable deluge of gaily coloured tokens, which drop from the top of the playing area, like a pleasantly candy-coloured rain of lettered tokens, from a delightfully playful rain god, who fancies testing the vocabulary of his/her subjects, in some kind of celestial competition.

However, unlike an actual game played with a deity, whether letter-obsessed, responsible for weather, or not.  Word Crasher rarely ends in SACRIFICE and MUTILATION, unless those are words you make with your letter tokens.

As Pixels On Toast says:

As letters fall down and pile up on your screen, touch them to make words. Making long words and using rare letters is a risky strategy, but will score much higher. But watch out, if the letters reach the top of the screen it’s Game Over.

WordCrasher Blitz adds some new wrinkles into the gameplay, including individual letter score multipliers and a new game mode, “Quick Game”, designed to be played in that minute or two at the bus stop.

Like the original, WordCrasher Blitz tracks every unique word the player enters into the game, and uploads their vocabulary to Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards. The current champion of the original WordCrasher has entered over 20k unique words. Compare this to the average English speaker’s total vocabulary of 10k-15k words, and this is impressive indeed.

Word Crasher Blitz has ultra-realistic tactile physics. Letters bounce, stack, roll and respond to you tilting, waggling and juggling your iPhone/iPad or iPod (which are all supported by the by…)

Each and every single game you play contributes to your WordMaster level, submitting your unique words and building your status as a wonderful word wizard, just like levelling up in an RPG, but with less brutal orc death.

Word Crasher Blitz features three game modes – Quick Game, Marathon and Flood Panic, in which your letters float delightfully in a glass of virtual water, which creeps ever upwards towards the top of the screen (at which point you die.  Horribly).

With over 190,000 words recognized in US, UK and International English, there’s something for even the most unliterate.

Best of all, Word Crasher Blitz comes for the magical price of FREE.  Or for $4.99 on your Mac.

Go visit Pixels On Toast online.  Join, like and contribute to their Facebook page, or follow, follow them on Twitter.  Kevin also has a development blog that we’d recommend highly.

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