Survey – Grown Up Gaming

Survey – Grown Up Gaming

It’s request time, readers.  Anthony Reynolds from Glasgow University is looking for people to help his research into gaming culture and mature content in videogames.  It’s not another survey into violent games = violent behaviour.  Rather he’s looking for input from gamers to help shape the research itself.

If you can spare 10 minutes at some point soon, we know he’d appreciate it…

As Anthony himself said:

This is ten-to-fifteen minute survey which will contribute to a new study into gaming culture being produced at the University of Glasgow.

Please note, unlike much other research into games, this study does not assume that the use of games has the inherent potential to cause harm to the player. Rather, the aim of this study is to document, investigate and shed light on the experiences and cultural identities of adults living in the UK who play games frequently and regularly, and consider games to be of great importance in their cultural life. If this sounds like you, please continue!

All participants must be resident in the UK and 18 years of age or over. If you are neither of these, thank you for your interest, but I cannot use your data.

When filling out your answers, try to reflect on:
– your past relationship with games (including in childhood)
– what games and gaming mean (and has meant) to you
– how you think gaming relates to your life, identity, and personality in the present

I really hope you get something from answering these questions, and enjoy reflecting on your gaming experiences!

Many Thanks,
Anthony Reynolds

Centre for Cultural Policy Research
University of Glasgow
9 University Avenue
G12 8QQ

You can find the survey questions here.  Thank you in advance.

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  1. Good choice man, the PS2 is amsoewe. Some of the classic games for the PS2:James Bond: NightfireRatchet and Clank (series)Jak and Daxter (series, the latest excluded daxter from the title)Grand Theft Auto (GTA III, GTA Vice CIty, and GTA San Andreas)Need For Speed (any)Gran Turismo 4DDR (if you’re into that)Guitar Hero (2 just came out)Hope I Helped!

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