Out Now – Guinness Word Records 2012 – Gamers Edition

Out Now – Guinness Word Records 2012 – Gamers Edition

The 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition has just been released and this year several members of official Scottishgames.net chums, Glasgow-based Ready Up were commissioned by Guinness as consultants.

Dan Bendon researched and penned the Fighting game section, while Kirsten Kearney covered shooters and John Brown took on the Driving games section.

According to Dan, “It was great to be asked to work on the book but it was a huge challenge to get all the research done to the high level of accuracy that Guinness rightfully demand, I’m very pleased with how my section, and the book on the whole, turned out.”

Kirsten meanwhile told us, “Having set gaming world records in the past I have always been very proud of the certificates on my wall but being part of the team putting together this year’s book is a huge privilege. The release of the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition has become an annual industry event. It’s a great read too. Buy it!

Yeah.  Buy it.  Otherwise you may never know which game features the most real-world mountain ranges.


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