Wrestling Manager – Out Now For iOS

Wrestling Manager – Out Now For iOS

Serious Parody’s Wrestling Manager game is now live on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad.  It’s one of the first games to offer players the challenges and tribulations of pro-wrestling management.

The game’s been picking up some serious interest from a number of wrestling sites around the world, as you’ll see in the video above.

In addition to guiding your wrestler(s) through the murky underworld of the grappling game, Wrestling Manager also offers a variety of in-app purchases and downloads which add new features, unlock new arenas and allow players to compete on a global stage (or ring…)

Thanks to being independent, Wrestling Manager is also not tied to any specific league, organisation or outfit, allowing the game to create the ultimate wrestling challenge.

You’ll find Wrestling Manager, out now on the App Store for an affordable £6.99.

Serious Parody can be found online, or over on Twitter.

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