Food Chain – New From Lava Level Games

Food Chain – New From Lava Level Games

Food Chain is the second game from the gentlemen at Lava Level Games.  A challenging, match-three puzzle title for iPhone and iPad (and shortly for Android phones n’ tablets), Food Chain features Belly & Brain, the adorable characters who are the public face of Just-eat, the UK fast food and takeaway portal.

Lava Level Games (which is a suitably awesome AND iconic name) is a collaboration between two former Denkitonians: Tom Kane and Stewart Graham.  The duo collaborated on an earlier physics-based puzzle game featuring Belly & Brain, in which players had to fire food into Belly’s mouth from a cannon.

The original title did very well indeed.  We’ve heard whispers about a number 1 on the UK charts.  Food Chain looks like it may replicate the success of the first game, having already broached the top 20 on the UK Apple App Store, with the Android version – and some actual marketing – still to go.

Both Food Chain and Belly & Brain are free to download and play.  Having spent a good couple of hours with Food Chain last night, we can report it’s a very solid, happy and friendly iPhone title, which recreates the awesome fun of Tetris Attack, but with tasty, tasy food and a variety of cartoon opponents to paste all over the place before the urge to order Thai food overcomes you.

Food Chain is Denki-powered, using the same technology behind the recent superstar smash-hit Quarrel.

If you are an iPhone/iPod/iPad owner, if you ever play games, or have ever eaten any variety of food, then you owe it to yourself to check out Food Chain (and Belly & Brain) and then congratulating Lava Level on a job very well done.

Lava Level Games have now been added to the Bureaucratically-intense Who’s Who list and have, of course, contributed the magnificent new banner which will enhance for the next several weeks, delighting all and sundry.

Thank you Lava Level Games.  Thank you.

Right, who’s for chips?

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