Doing Good, Caring For Kids, Playing Games – So You Don’t Have To…

Doing Good, Caring For Kids, Playing Games – So You Don’t Have To…

Long time friend of Scottishgames, talented artist, banner contributor and all round good egg Sarah Morris is putting her life on the line to play 24 hours of gaming – non-stop – to raise money for the Royal Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh.

As part of the Extra Life charity, Sarah is promising to play a staggering 24 hours of the staggeringly difficult Dark Souls (sequel to the notoriously hard Demon Souls) – and is looking for sponsors to help her raise $800.

However, being a talented type and the very soul of generosity, Sarah isn’t just looking for cash.  She’s offering prizes – original artwork – for those willing to donate:

So in order to help raise the money I will be putting my arty talents to good use by giving out art prizes for the lovely people that help me reach my goal.

There will be 3 main prizes for the people that pledge the largest amount, all the prizes will be done drawn by yours truly.

First prize: A digital illustration done and also a small personalized Pixel Art Avatar for their twitter account.
Second and third prizes: Personalized Pixel Art avatars for their twitter accounts.

But I haven’t forgotten about everyone else. Anyone that pledges over $20 will be given a choice of one of four pixel art images.


Sarah is not only very sweet, very charitable and a kick-ass gamer, willing to put her health and social life on the line, but she’s a seriously good artist.  It would definitely be worth getting a hold of some artwork before she gets involved in some massive game and ends up more famous than you.

You can find out more and donate money over on Sarah’s Extra Life page…

[Image above by the equally frighteningly clever Andrew Macdonald]


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