Introducing – Deep Pixel

Introducing – Deep Pixel

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a new company to the Scottishgames family.  Deep Pixel is an independent studio, based in the glamorous west end of Glasgow.

The company’s first project is a genuine, honest-to-goodness book.  Unity 3 Blueprints is a guide to the hugely popular Unity technology, being used by developers and studios worldwide.  It contains instructions and information to build four different games projects, with art resources, sound effects and materials all available for download direct from the Deep Pixel website.

Like any self-respecting company, Deep Pixel has a vision.  Unlike Scottishgames, it’s not a vision of pink elephants, hoovering up the last bag of wasabi peas at the bar, but concerns the future of gaming itself:

Deep Pixel is primarily a digital games developer, focussing on mobile and indie games platforms.  Our mandate is not just to create fun gaming experiences, but ones that also engage the player on an emotional level.  Strong core mechanics, accessibility and polish are what we want the hallmarks of our games to be.  If you find the right balance of all these ingredients, then the end result has a strong identity and definitive ‘feel’ that projects it above the competition in an already crowded market.

With which only the most egregious and corporate could argue, we’d say.

Not only that but, when cornered, founders Craig Stevenson and Simon Quig were happy to give us quotes about Deep Pixel, if only to make us go away.

CRAIG told us, “Simon and I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to kick off Deep Pixel with the release of our Unity 3D book, which aims to bring game development to the entry level of indie game creation. The four “blueprints”, as we call them lay the groundwork for some classic game mechanics, which can be taken and implemented right across the game development board. We hope readers can take these lessons and go on to create some really kick-ass games!”


SIMON, meanwhile, commented, “We tried not to put too much of our own stamp from a stylistic standpoint on the four games within the book.  The plan was to give each enough personality to feel fun and appealing, whilst leaving them open for the user to experiment with and adapt at their will.  Going forward as a games studio with our own Intellectual Property, our chief concern is the production of a cohesive player experience, in terms of the game rules, colour palette, movement and sound.  Getting these elements to marry up perfectly is what elevates an average game to ‘water-cooler’ title status.  If we can set a mood in which people become deeply immersed, then I think we’ve done our job.”

Deep Pixel is now open for business, Unity 3 Blueprints – A Practical Guide To Indie Game Development is now for sale on and the company website is here.

If you know anyone who’s interested in game development, or is considering a job in the games industry, then buy them the book for heaven’s sake.

Deep Pixel has, of course, also been added to Scottishgames’ utterly comprehensive Who’s Who section, making them very official indeed.

Welcome guys.

Buy the book.

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