Biff Bang PowWowNow – Geeking Out For Gear

Biff Bang PowWowNow – Geeking Out For Gear

For the meek, uninformed and socially unaware, yesterday was Geek Pride day – and Towel Day – and of course, the glorious 25th of May.  In short, it was the geekiest day of the year – apart from May 4th (which causes more enraged punching incidents).

To celebrate, PowWowNow, the telephone/web conferencing provider, is running a whole series of competitions, offering vitally geeky prizes to carefully chosen sites.

Naturally, Scottishgames – along with our beloved sister sites Square Go and Calm Down Tom – are at the forefront of the new geek bohemia.  As key opinion formers, thought leaders and fashion conscious rebels, we’ve been asked to present fabulous prizes to lucky individuals.

We’re offering a breathtakingly practical and stylish 42 towel from ThinkGeek, PLUS your choice of T-Shirt from the Valve Store (up to the value of $20 – which is pretty much all of them – though we’d recommend the inspired Three Turret Moon design).

Winning this collection of lovely couldn’t be easier – follow us on Twitter (or Square Go, or Calm Down Tom, we’re easy).  Follow @powwownow too, since they’re lovely (and responsible for the prizes).  Tweet the following: I want to win some #towelday and #geekpride gear from @Scottishgames courtesy of @powwownow. RT & Read this to enter!

Or leave a comment below.

If you can’t work any of that lot out, then you don’t deserve the lovely things.  Enjoy!

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  1. I carried my towel all day, and since I’m a teacher I got to read from the holy text to all of my classes when they asked why I was wearing a towel. Greatest of all joys! (except if I had a 42 towel and t-shirt!)

    Jeremy Stein

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