Codeplay Teams With Eutechnyx For Whole New World Of Damage

Codeplay Teams With Eutechnyx For Whole New World Of Damage

If you’ve been to any games or technology related event in Scotland over the last few years, the chances are you’ll have run into Codeplay. The company is one of the oldest games-related studios in Scotland, having been around since 1999. However Codeplay is no simple game developer. Instead it has created a global profile in the area of compiler optimisation.

Now, unless you’re a genuine, card-carrying geek, that phrase has probably caused your eyes to glaze and your fingers to go searching for the mouse. – but hold on, this is important stuff.

Codeplay works with chip manufacturers, semiconductor companies and hardware manufacturers, to help exploit the full potential of the technology these companies are creating. To put it simply, they make things run faster, better and more efficiently. Which in turn allows software companies and game developers to push the hardware further and faster in all manner of new directions.

You’re still not convinced, we can tell. Well Codeplay has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies and the chances are, that if you’re a gamer, you’ll be playing on at least one console the Codeplay team has worked on.

Now however, the company is doing something new and fascinating. Its taking its unparalleled experience in the optimisation area and turning it into direct practical support for games developers.

Codeplay announced recently that it is working with Newcastle-based driving game experts, Eutechnyx. Codeplay is using its advanced Offload technology and low-level programming background to provide the real-time car damage system for Eutechnyx’s new NASCAR: The Game 2011 title, due for release later this year.

the Offload technology promises to simulate ‘fully-deformable metal damage,’ as opposed to several pre-modelled and scripted stages of damage, which can quickly become repetitive.

This is simply the first of many new projects and technologies which the company hopes to bring to the games industry, according to CEO Andrew Richards:

“At Codeplay we have the expertise to develop extremely complex and innovative games technology for clients. Our strength is in our deep understanding of the hardware and its capabilities. This allows us to efficiently implement new hard technical features, improve performance and optimise existing game code. We hope the games industry will see Codeplay as the go-to company for sophisticated technical outsourcing and that this will be the first of many collaborations with developers.”

Which is a sentiment shared by Eutechnyx’ Executive Producer for NASCAR: The Game 2011, Dave Thompson:

“Eutechnyx has a long term relationship with the team at Codeplay who consistently deliver great work on time and on budget. Working with our existing engine, the guys have delivered unsurpassed damage modeling in the tough technical environment of a 43 car race. I would have no hesitation in using Codeplay’s services in future Eutechnyx games.”

So, if you’re working on anything of an advanced or technically challenging nature, get in touch with the guys from Codeplay, the chances are they’ll be able to help…

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