New Release – WarPath – Multiplayer iPad Tank Combat From Whisky Biscuit

New Release – WarPath – Multiplayer iPad Tank Combat From Whisky Biscuit

What better way to pick up after an unexpected break than to highlight a new game – and a new company – in one glorious update?

Please welcome WarPath, the inaugural game from Elgin-based Whisky Biscuit.  It’s a turn-based, top-down iPad game, for up to four players.  Plan moves, position turrets, drop mines and try to stop your enemy in their tracks.

As Whisky Biscuit themselves describe it:

WarPath is fun for all the family – particularly if your family likes tanks. It has been specifically designed for iPad in top-down 2D as an easy to pick up but un-put-downable explosion-fest and features an innovative way-point control system for planning moves. Each player takes it in turns to plan their moves, then all gather around the iPad screen to watch the action play out. Lonesome players can fight against the cunning AI tanks, programmed with ruthless efficiency to scamper about firing shells at anything enemy-shaped. Or up to four players can battle together in pass-and-play mode. With four tanks in each team, players can drop mines and co-ordinate attacks with deadly accuracy.

If that hasn’t convinced you, the ringing endorsement certainly should: “This is categorically the best game I have ever made for the iPad,” says Stuart Gray, founder and Chief Code Weaver for Whisky Biscuit – and he should certainly know.

You can see WarPath in action over on the official YouTube stream, or find Whisky Biscuit itself online, on Twitter or even, should the mood take you, on Facebook.

WarPath is available NOW on the Apple App Store.  It costs £1.79 ($2.99 or €2.39).

We have an interview with Whisky Biscuit founder (and chief code weaver) Stuart Gray coming up later this week.

In the meantime, everyone who queued up for the iPad 2, or who’s making do with the old fashioned original model, is encouraged to go out and buy WarPath and support the team.

We also need to thank Stuart and the Whisky Biscuiters for the rather charming banner you now see adorning the top of your all time, favourite ever games blog.  The banner was created by Paul Money, of who works remotely for Whisky Biscuit (insert joke about Elgin being remote from everywhere…)  The game again is WarPath – and we’d like to thank Paul and Stuart and the team for their time and hard work.

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