Introducing Games Analytics

Introducing Games Analytics

Games Analytics is a start-up company, founded by Chris Wright and Tim Christian.  The company is a ‘data-mining and monetization company, headquartered in Edinburgh, serving the online video games industry’.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, the company has just opened a dedicated US office, appointing industry veteran and co-founder of Activision Alan Miller as director of North America.

When asked to describe the company, CEO, Chris Wright replied,“The games industry has fundamentally changed. Games are now a service, provided digitally, on demand. Experiences range from casual, social Facebook games, to complex online virtual worlds and MMOs. These games are paid for in a variety of ways, from traditional upfront payments, to subscriptions, micropayments for virtual goods and free-to-play. The key to all this is data; companies need to quickly understand and effectively respond to the massive amounts of player information they are gathering. The companies that get this right are the ones that will succeed in this new and exciting future.”

“GamesAnalytics is unique in that it combines sophisticated data mining technology from the retail and financial industries with a deep knowledge and understanding of the games industry. Our services unlock the true value of player data and maximize revenue for games companies by providing state-of-the-art real-time behaviour analytics and predictive modeling to deliver individually targeted in-game marketing. Our products, coupled with our experience and passion for the games industry will increase revenue, the number of paying players, ARPU, player satisfaction and retention.”

Game Analytics Chief Financial Officer, Tim Christian, outlined the company’s goals: “Our objective is to generate $1 billion dollars of incremental revenue for online game publishers and developers by 2015. Regardless of the revenue level of our clients’ games, use of our products will generate more money.”

Alan Miller, asked about his appointment, commented, “I’m tremendously excited to be working with GamesAnalytics. The company provides a big win-win solution for both game players and game publishers. Any game publisher serious about competing in the industry today must be able to rapidly analyse and understand its players’ behaviour and swiftly react to their needs. GamesAnalytics allows developers and publishers to quickly and easily unlock the true value of player data and maximise revenue. Our state-of-the-art turnkey real-time behavioural analytics and individually targeted in-game marketing increase online game revenue by substantially improving player satisfaction, as well as the number of paying players and average revenue per player.”

Games Analytics will be present at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the end of February.  If you’d like to meet them there, drop them an e-mail.

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