New Year, New Banner, New Artist

New Year, New Banner, New Artist

Happy 2011 readers.  We hope you all had a fun holiday season, with cake, presents, alcohol (where permitted), tiny foolish hats and an occasional cracker.

To celebrate the start of a fresh, lithe, hopeful new year, we’d like to present you with a brand new banner, reflecting the best parts of the new year in Scotland – namely the weather, the hogmanay celebrations and the endless hordes of zombie snowmen with tiny foolish hats.

This first official banner of 2011 was brought to you by the supremely talented Sarah Morris (the letter Q and the number 3).  A graduate of Abertay and now working within the games sector, Sarah’s always on the look out for new projects and opportunities.  Check out her online portfolio and drop her a line if you’re interested.

As always, we’re very grateful to Sarah for her hard work and will be adding her to the Artists In Residence page in very short order, capturing her sterling efforts within the Internets for the whole of recorded time…

We’d also like to remind every reader that you can submit a banner – or an image which we can turn into a banner – at any time at all.  Original artwork is always very welcome, but concept art, screenshots, renders, photos, pixel art or macaroni/glitter pictures are all welcome and will be used in the order we receive them.

If you’d like to submit an image or banner, take a look at the simple guidelines posted on our Submit A Banner page and e-mail them our way for your chance to be an official SG Artist In Residence.

Thanks again to Sarah and welcome to the world of tomorrow.

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