YoYo Games Releases Teka Teki

YoYo Games Releases Teka Teki

Teka Teki, the latest release from YoYo Games promises a Tetris-style puzzle game in which players have to place food tiles in groups so that the adjacent animal tiles can scoff them in as large a group as possible.  The larger the groups, the bigger the combos.

If you’re not convinced, there’s a Lite version, offering three levels of fruit combining goodness (which contributes towards your five-a-day).

The full version offers 15 different levels for only 99¢ or 59p and is out now for iPhone and iPad.

Teka Teki has been rated **** (out of five) by YoYo Games users and has been downloaded over 6,000 times from the YoYo website.

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