Introducing CHUNK Games

Introducing CHUNK Games

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a new member of the Scottish games community.  Chunk Games is a new label, created by Glasgow digital design agency Chunk.

The company has worked in the marketing, advertising and design field for a number of years now and has produced several ‘games’ both in the traditional sense and in the wider, weirder ‘interactive experience’ area.

For example, Chunk fitted a cinema with motion sensors and challenged the audience, who’d popped in to presumably watch a movie, to wave their arms in the air, to control giant purple falling eyebrows (this being for the Cadbury’s campaign of the time) and win bags of yummy chocolate.

Chunk is now taking this background into the more mainstream games area.  Chunk Games will be producing branded games for promotional purposes and on behalf of clients, as well as developing and publishing their own original titles – across all platforms.

Chunk’s first two titles – for iPod, iPhone and iPad, are due out before the end of the year – with more in the pipeline.

The quality of the games is going to be the primary focus, making sure that Chunk’s promotional games are actually playable and enjoyable in their own right.

Which strikes us as a particularly smart idea.  The promotional and marketing-driven games market is a huge global business, yet it is one which very few, if any, ‘mainstream’ game developers have dipped a toe into.  By combining their existing marketing expertise with experienced game developers, Chunk is putting itself in a fantastic position as the games market grows, evolves and moves in interesting new ways.

Donnie Kerrigan, the managing director feels much the same:

“The whole notion of video games has changed over the last few years.  Everyone is playing games now – and they’re playing them everywhere, on every possible device. That’s a massive worldwide audience and an amazing opportunity for developers, agencies and brands. However, you still need to know what makes a great game. Chunk Games’ whole focus centres on games, games that make people feel good.  When you add this to Chunk’s experience and expertise in the wider digital markets, it gives us a huge advantage as the gaming sector grows.

“Working in the games sector needs a dedicated and expert presence.  Chunk Games was created to make sure that as a developer and publisher we’re building the right content for the right platforms and making the utmost of all the new opportunities offered by the games world as it goes in all of these exciting new directions.”

Welcome Chunk.

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