New APB Owner Considering Scotland For European HQ?

New APB Owner Considering Scotland For European HQ?

The ongoing saga of APB continues, with GamersFirst telling they may well consider creating a European HQ and Scotland is one of the locations they’re looking at:

In the event that a number of ex-staff were contracted and the relaunched game proved successful, it was possible that a Scottish office could be opened.

“Absolutely. Basically, the one thing we don’t have at the moment is a European office, which is something we’ve been looking at.

“We have looked at Hamburg in Germany, but what we’re looking at now potentially is…. Well, Scotland would certainly be a fine place to have a permanent office. We’d consider that for sure.”

Government incentives – or the lack thereof – would not be a deciding factor in this decision, Book-Larsson suggested. “It would be more about being a strategic location for us than anything else.

It may be that APB’s association with Scotland is not over yet…

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