YoYo Games Launches First iPhone App – Skydiver Mach II

YoYo Games Launches First iPhone App – Skydiver Mach II

YoYo Games has announced its first commercially available game for the iPhone.  Skydiver Mach II is a brand new title, out now on the Apple App Store.

The launch marks YoYo’s first steps into the publishing sector.  The company is the creator of the hugely successful GameMaker app, which boasts over 1,000,000 users globally who have created more than 95,000 games – leading YoYo to claim the title of the world’s largest game development community.

The company recently opened a dedicated office in Dundee, with small, highly experienced development team in place to help the company bring selected titles to market across all platforms, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.  The launch of YoYo’s game store will also see the company becoming a publisher for the Sony PSP.

YoYo’s game store will shortly be accepting submissions from game developers, providing a new route to market for games creators worldwide.

YoYo was created in 2007 by Sandy Duncan, the former vice president of Xbox in Europe and Mark Overmars from the University of Utrecht.

You can find the YoYo games website here.  The YoYo Store here and SkyDiver Mach II for the iPhone here.

We’ll be tracking down the YoYo Games team for an update on the new store and submissions policy in the very near future.

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