…Are You Ready For The New Videogames Tax Breaks?

The government's tax breaks for the creative sector (including video games, television and animation) comes into effect in April 2013 The tax relief should make it simpler for game development studios to lessen the risk of producing new games and enable them invest more in staff, it should also help graduates and independent game developers... Continue Reading →

TIGA Calls For Scottish Creative Content Fund

TIGA, the independent game developers association, has proposed the creation of a creative content fund, to the Scottish government. According to the press release, the fund would encourage the creation of new studios and businesses, stimulate the creation of new intellectual property and co-fund new content development. The proposal has picked up strong support from... Continue Reading →

Culture Minister Criticises MPs Attitudes Towards Games Business

Ed Vaizey, the UK's Minister for culture, media and sport has attacked MPs general lack of understanding regarding videogames and the industry behind them, reports GamesIndustry.biz. Appearing before the Scottish Affairs Committee, examining the subject of tax breaks for the games industry, Labour MP Ian Davidson remarked that Mr Vaizey "...ought to be concerned about... Continue Reading →

Politicians Disagree Over Tax Breaks For Games – Live On TV…

...complete with basic errors and added Darth Vader.  The issue of tax breaks for the games industry refuses to disappear, despite being turned down by Chancellor George Osborne in his first budget, earlier this year. On today's BBC Politics show, shadow minister for international development Gareth Thomas clashed with Liberal MP Tom Brake on whether... Continue Reading →

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