Scotland: TechCrunch Needs You

TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey European founders and investors in cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness & Stirling.

How To Run A Crowdfunding Campaign

What does it take to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? A new online event from RGU will hear from two successful entrepreneurs and crowdfunding company Seedrs on how to plan and run a campaign which works.

Aberdeen University Offers Software Entrepreneurship Programme

Guest editorial from Dr Bruce Scharlau, University of Aberdeen... Games developers wanting to start a games business should look at the MSc Software Entrepreneurship programme at the University of Aberdeen. The programme aims to have student teams launch businesses while studying for their degree. Any IP the students create belongs to them and their team. This... Continue Reading →

New Event For Digital Media & Interactive Start-Ups

Dare+ is the brand new workshop for new companies in the digital media and interactive sectors.  Created as part of the increasingly epic Dare to be Digital ProtoPlay 2012, Dare+ offers 20 participants a month long masterclass in building a creative business, covering everything from protecting your IP to finding finance.  There's even an expert... Continue Reading →

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