Yo Deshi – Updated & Unleashed. There Is No TRY, Only DO…

Proper Games Yo Deshi has been given a major update and is now out for your favourite iOS devices. Yo Deshi now includes an online multiplayer and story mode, as well as features including: Online Multiplayer through Game Centre Local Two Player / Story Mode Configurable Boards Unlimited Tile Combinations Yo Deshi Training with Master... Continue Reading →

Proper Games – We’re Jamming

Breaking news this morning.  The extraordinary posse at Proper Games are having a festive games jam.  The company has split into SIX competing factions or TEAMS, who will now do battle to design and develop a brand new GAME in a matter of mere hours. Proper has created a Facebook page, which will chronicle the... Continue Reading →

2010 – A Year In Gaming

UPDATED - Now includes Firebrand and Triple B Games... “Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, how was the rest of the play?” Any review of the games and gaming sector in Scotland in 2010 is going to be a little like reviewing the Titanic's first cruise. No matter how impeccable the service, or exquisite the canapes,... Continue Reading →

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