V&A Seeking Game Designer In Residence

The Victoria & Albert museum is offering one game developer a unique opportunity to explore, experiment and engage with interactive entertainment in an entirely new way. The museum is advertising a game design residency, which will offer a game designer/developer the chance to work with the museum's resources and collections to create... something new. It's a... Continue Reading →

Creative Scotland Awards 2012 – Decision Time

It emerged a few weeks ago that the 2012 Creative Scotland Awards had categories for film, TV, music, performing arts but games, interactive entertainment and digital media had been neglected. We've since had several conversations with representatives from Creative Scotland who have gone some way to explaining why games didn't appear in the awards. Put... Continue Reading →

Dare to be Digital – Indie Games Festival

If you're a regular reader of Scottishgames, then you'll be familiar with Dare to be Digital.  The competition is unique and offers teams of students a chance to experience the sharp end of the creative process like no other event.  Even better, the competition culminates in the Protoplay event.  Three days of demonstrating the (hopefully)... Continue Reading →

Creative Scotland Joins TIGA

Creative Scotland, the organisation for promoting and supporting the creative arts (yes, all of them) in Scotland (oddly enough) has joined TIGA, the indepdenent game developers association. Creative Scotland emerged from the ashes of the Scottish Arts Council, which looked after the traditional 'arts', and Scottish Screen, which looked after film, television and latterly, games... Continue Reading →

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