Hordes of the Things: Towers of Everland’s Epic Update

Hordes of the Things: Towers of Everland’s Epic Update

Towers of Everland, Cobra Mobile’s exclusive Apple Arcade RPG, is going all Lord of the Rings, with more content, new gameplay features and more beasties than ever.

Your arduous, perilous, furious journey through the sprawling continent of Everland just got a whole lot arduous and furious, with at least 83% more peril.

If you missed Towers of Everland when it was launched back in May 2020, it’s a procedurally-generated role-playing game, which challenges players to conquer and liberate towers (in Everland), while defeating monsters, gathering, loot, upgrading gear and collecting treasure.

The game is exclusive to Apple Arcade, which is the company’s subscription gaming service.

That means that it’s available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, and players can move seamlessly from one device to another, picking up their favourite games where they left off.

The new 2.0 update sees a host of new gameplay features added, with many coming from the game’s growing fanbase.

Following the update, Towers of Everland now features:

  • Big scary, trap-laden TOWERS
  • Monsters
  • A new Renown system: increase your strength beyond max level!
  • Relics: unloc new ways to play!
  • Magic AND Magik
  • Gems: to further augment your stats!
  • All-new Jungle theme!
  • +22 Adventuring
  • All-new monsters to defeat!
  • Additional Heroism
  • All-new mythical gear!
  • Dungeons, dungeons, dungeons
  • All-new weapons!
  • More monsters
Towers of Everland: Screenshot

Check out Towers of Everland over on Apple Arcade. Apple is still offering a free trial of its Arcade service, so you have nothing to lose.

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