Dolby Labs – Looking For Developers

Dolby Labs – Looking For Developers

800px-Dolby-Digital.svgFollowing another successful Game Developer Conference, Scottish Development International have passed on an opportunity from the show…

Dolby Labs, the pioneering audio company is actively looking for game developers – especially those creating games or apps which utilise audio in new and interesting ways.

According to SDI:

Andy Vaughn, their Developer Relations Manager, advised that they are actively looking to work with developers in the areas of mobile games (particularly iOS and on the Amazon platform) and browser games.   As they are an audio company, these games would have to need an element of vocal clarity or advanced dynamic audio (an example he provided was audio content that would allow for travel throughout the game—i.e. sound coming from left side, right side, etc.)

If you are interested in an introduction to Dolby, please contact Mandy Cooper at SDI.

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