Crowd Sourcing – Company Directory

Crowd Sourcing – Company Directory

Friends, colleagues, peers, you lot…

SGN 001After a rocky start to 2015, I’m finally picking up the reins of SGN once more and it needs a bit of work. To be frank I need your help.

Specifically, the company directory is so out of date that it’s like 2013 all over again. We’ve had closures, we’ve lost respected friends and competitors and we’ve not listed all of the people now working in games.

The release list has similarly languished, unloved, for the last five months.

SO, if you work in a games company (developer, or related tech/tools/data/analytics/other), can you check the listing on the COMPANY DIRECTORY and check it’s still valid? If the main contact point is correct AND if you spot someone who’s no longer with us, then PLEASE let me know directly.

The 2014/15 release list is HERE. Are your games listed? Are the platforms correct? Is the release date there? Have I got the link right? If not – send the info my way and I can update it.

We can, we shall, we WILL provide a glowing example to the rest of the UK when it comes to reflecting the industry in Scotland and making sure everyone involved – and all of the games released – are documented and celebrated.

SGN Company Directory

SGN Release List 2014/15

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