Ludometrics Bodychecks Radius Fest

Ludometrics Bodychecks Radius Fest

Radius-FestivalRadius is a new indie games festival, held in the heart of London. It took place last week and drew in dozens of indie developers including our very own David Thomson of Ludometrics fame. Because he is a splendid fellow and thoroughly nice chap, Dave’s written a round-up of the show for us. Thank you Dave. Now read on…

Last week, Ludometrics took the latest build of our PS Vita game Bodycheck to the general public on the first day of the rather splendid Radius Festival in London.

The festival was split into two parts – the daytime for showcasing the game, the evening for developer interviews hosted by a variety of journalists (streamed live on Twitch).

The event was constantly busy, even on the Thursday, with lots of people coming through and checking out all the amazing games on show, like 0rbitalis, Mighty Tactical Shooter, TerraTech, Volume, and A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. Some of them even played Bodycheck. Lots of great feedback from players and fellow developers was gathered, and Keith Stuart from The Guardian who live blogged the whole event had this to say:

The super fast action is great fun in two-player, but there’s also a four-player “head-to-head-to-head-to-head” mode which is insanely brutal.

The interviews, at least on the first night, were… chaotic. I have no idea how mine turned out, but thanks to Will Freeman for holding the fort as interviewer amongst said chaos. I’m told by people who watched the livestream that it all made sense, though.

And here’s a snippet of conversation from a first-time player:

Player: Is that guy dead?

Me: Yep

Player: Nice… I probably shouldn’t say that, should I?

Despite London not being as gloriously sunny as Glasgow was, it was a great trip and thanks again to all the organisers who made it happen, not to mention everyone who played the game and gave such great feedback. And particularly those who wanted to buy the game on the spot – that makes us feel like we’re on the right track!

On that note: time to get back to work…


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