Dope Stars Inc Tracks Hit APB Reloaded

Dope Stars Inc Tracks Hit APB Reloaded

APB-Logo-SmallThe last update to APB Reloaded, didn’t just add new content, game types, items and vehicles, it added music too.

APB developer Reloaded Productions and industrial rock band Dope Stars Inc. have signed an agreement which bring three tracks from the band’s latest album UltraWired to the APB Reloaded soundtrack.

logoneroThe tracks Lies Irae, No Life Belongs To You and We Are The New Ones have been added to APB Reloaded as part of a ongoing update to the game’s diverse soundtrack.

Dope Stars Inc. are well known fans of gaming, technology, memes and online subculture. UltraWired, the band’s latest album, contains numerous references to gaming, the internet, sci-fi, conspiracy theories, cyberpunk and virtual worlds.

Fans can pay whatever they wish to download UltraWired directly from the band’s website.

03 - Dope Stars Inc. UltrawiredVictor Love, the lead singer, producer, guitarist, synthesizer, front man and founder of Dope Stars Inc. told us:

Making music is all about self-expression. APB Reloaded lets gamers all around the world express themselves and be whoever they want to be in a virtual online world where the forces of good and evil clash every single day. Gaming and cyberculture sit side by side as the new virtual reality for millions. They’re all UltraWired. We’re happy to be making the streets of San Paro sound better.

2011 - Ultrawired

Michael Boniface, the Managing Director of Reloaded Productions, said:

We couldn’t be happier to have Dope Stars Inc. contributing tracks to APB Reloaded. We’re constantly updating the game to bring new content and new challenges to players, seeking to make the game better, more exciting and more fun. The soundtrack is a big part of the experience. We’ve got big plans for music within the game and having Dope Stars Inc. tracks in there is a phenomenal first step.

You can find APB Reloaded here, or find out more about Dope Stars Inc. or download UltraWired here.

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