Trap Mansion – New From Too Easy Games

Trap Mansion – New From Too Easy Games

Jinkys! We have a new company AND a new game to introduce today.  Too Easy Games is a new indie games studio based in Dundee and formed by four Abertay graduates.

The company has already released its first title, a halloween-themed puzzler called Trap Mansion, in which players must negotiate the pitfalls (literally) of a haunted house to escape a variety of grizzly deaths.

…And the deaths will mount up.  Player names are generated at random and as they expire in a variety of evil ways, they’ll appear in the graveyard – and lurk the halls and cupboards of your home, howling, moaning and keening at your feeble, fumble-fingered efforts to save their lives.

Too Easy has worked with Red Radiant, creators of Moops, who helped with the development and publishing of Trap Mansion.  The game is out now for iOS devices (Apple stuff, for you non-gaming readers out there…) for the puzzlingly small price of £0.69/$0.99.

While the spooky gubbins surrounding Halloween has become terrifyingly prolific, the theme in Trap Mansion is well-considered and works wonderfully.  The game looks and sounds fantastic, it plays well and makes use of the iPad/iPhone/iPod’s multi-touch controls in an innovative and intuitive way, which made us wonder why so few games do something similar.

In short, Trap Mansion is not a pumpkin plastered pretender, willfully witchy and horrifyingly hipster in it’s ghostly ghastlyness.  It’s a simple, fun and visually striking game which offers lot of interesting fun for a very low price.  You should check it out.

In the meantime, please make Too Easy Games feel welcome and say hello.  They now officially exist and are listed, indelibly in the canonical catalogue of caledonian creativity – the Scottish Games Network’s Company Directory (as used by the Scottish Government, Creative Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and the New World Order).

…and they would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids!

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