Dead Genius Gilliamesque Music Battle Fury Title

Dead Genius Gilliamesque Music Battle Fury Title

The videogames sector has given rise to many well loved characters.  From Mario and Sonic to Solid Snake, Lara Craft and that lady from Mass Effect , the industry is replete with memorable and unique personalities.

However, you rarely get to play as dead genius composers, locked in mortal combat with your peers.  Thankfully Wigs Of Fury, the first title from the snappily named Team Füry, addresses this incomprehensible omission.

Now you can take to the ring as a variety of classical composers and ‘lay the smackdown’ and ‘bring the pain’ to history’s most celebrated  musical creators in a spectacular 2D beat-em-up.

Even more spectacularly, Wigs of Fury uses public domain music and artwork to bring the game to life in a similar vein to Terry Gilliam’s rather wonderful animation from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Team Füry are an international group, bringing together members from Austria, Germany and the UK (and if anyone even tries to insist this makes them not Scottish you will be banned.  Not just from Scottishgames, but the Internet.  All of it.  It’s not big and it’s not clavier).

The game should be of great interest to music fans and players of amaDeus Ex or possibly even Hayden Seek.

The team are now looking for ways to conduct a campaign to get the brass together and complete the game, allegro.  They seem to have a fairly good Handel on it so far.  We’re not going to  harp on about it, but they can’t do this solo.  Or in a matter of minuets.  So go and Like their Facebook page.

Go on.  Just duet for fugues sake…

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