Game In Scotland, Dundee, Sat 26th March

Game In Scotland, Dundee, Sat 26th March

If you haven’t come across the Game In Scotland recruitment fair before, it’s fairly simple to explain.  It’s a recruitment fair, for the games industry in Scotland.  See?  The clues were all there.

It tends to pull in all of the Scottish development studios, from the smallest to the largest, who have stands and accept CVs.  This is combined with a sparklingly choreographed live show, in which key figures from the industry take to the stage and tell you more about themselves, the studios, the life of a games developer and in some cases, what the future holds (all of which have always, eerily, come true).

Game In Scotland pulls in visitors from across much of the UK.  Students and aspiring developers from overseas are not unknown.  The whole thing takes place in central Dundee. On, as the headline states, Saturday (yes, no time off work/school needed) the 26th.  Kicking off at 12 noon, on the nose.

It is FREE entry, though space is limited.  Visit the Game In Scotland website and click the Register button to secure your place.

Having been involved in the last five or six of these, Scottishgames can heartily recommend heading along.  Whether you’re an artist, animator, programmer, designer, producer or [unspecified], there will be something – and someone – there of interest to you.

If you’re actively looking for a job in the games industry, considering it as a future career, or want to hang out with the cool kids from the Scottish games ‘crew’ we can’t recommend it highly enough.

See you there…

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