BearHammer Games throws down the Gauntlet with new VR title

BearHammer Games throws down the Gauntlet with new VR title

Edinburgh-based BearHammer Games has just released their latest game, Venture’s Gauntlet VR, via Steam Early Access. This is the second title from the VR specialists, following the self-titled BearHammer back in 2019. While that game drew inspiration from Nordic folklore to deliver a wave-based fantasy experience, Venture’s Gauntlet VR instead seeks to deliver “the greatest adventure in VR” through its varied environments and innovative mechanics.

Let the challenge… begin!

As is immediately evident from the game’s release trailer (below) and title, Venture’s Gauntlet VR draws heavy inspiration from classics of the game show genre, such as Total Wipeout and Scottish favourite Raven, albeit in a more coherent game world. Players will need to navigate a series of tricky linear obstacles, making use of their VR headsets and controllers to sidle along ropes, weave through swinging blades, and dodge burning lasers. 

The core gameplay of Venture’s Gauntlet VR will be supported by BearHammer’s unique “TrueMotion VR” movement mechanics, which allow for accurate tracking of player movement speed, differentiating between a walk and a run to offer more varied challenges. Players will also be able to work with more than just their hands, picking up tools like a bow and arrows and a shield to get through particularly fiendish sections.

In addition, the game will also offer a unique Dynamic Calibration feature, wherein the size of obstacles throughout are adjusted to best match the size of each individual player. This is a smart use of tech in a VR experience, and a big step forward for accessibility within the VR market. Venture’s Gauntlet VR has been in development for over two years now, initially under the title of Adventure Fitness VR, and BearHammer Games is “excited to bring the title to early access and finish the fine-tuning of the adventure together with the VR community.” 
Venture’s Gauntlet VR is available now via Steam Early Access.

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