Ludometrics Unleashes Sock Monster On Unsuspecting World

Ludometrics Unleashes Sock Monster On Unsuspecting World

tumblr_ms5orcLLDd1sgge65o1_1280After the Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, Dead Rising and Atom Zombie Smasher, the gaming public have been waiting, poised for a new survival horror game.  A new and terrifying foe which evokes the darkest fears and dread nightmares…

Ludometrics has worked with author Lorna Freytag to imagine this beast, this lurking evil thing from beyond and have today launched Sock Monster for iPad.

Sock Monster is a fiend, the like of which has never been seen in video games before.  He Gobbles, Munches and Chomps ALL of the socks in the house.

03Designed and developed for wee monsters aged five and under, Sock Monster is an interactive picture book adventure, which takes advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, allowing kids to have the story read to them, or reading it themselves.  It will even be followed by a real printed story book, published by JunoBerry, allowing parents to occasionally use their own iPad.

Help him!  Help him find ALL the socks before he fades away forever (and we get more zombie games).

02Sock Monster is not a ‘video game’ as such, it’s an interactive book aimed at a market which is often overlooked by the majority of game developers.  Ludometrics and Lorna Freytag have created something with real charm.  The graphics and avoid the very simplistic hand drawn look of many books aimed at young children, combining real world photographs with illustration, in a manner reminiscent to Terry Gilliam, without the overly mad bits.  The story itself is sweet and one which kids of all ages will love.

It’s a great example of how developers and creators from other areas of the arts and media can work together to build something new.

Sock Monster is available NOW, priced at £2.99/$4.99 and features no in-app purchases whatsoever.

tumblr_ms71agJMjd1sgge65o1_r1_1280Note: Ludometrics and Lorna Freytag do not recommend the consumption of socks by humans.

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